This particular drill is to enhance your response time against a knife attacker. To help further develop motor skills with good habit form in both offensive and defensive measures. Understanding the structure of your body and the attacker. Knowing your distance and how a weapon is deployed toward you.

Controlling your breathing and mentally staying focused without going into a panic mode will help you perform your self-defense techniques more refinely and confidently. Vital areas where to strike are important. Inflicting crucial pain to control and distract the attacker is one of the first important things to do. This THIRD HAND drills is a must for every person who wishes to effectively learn in a short time. This training is also geared against an unarmed aggressive person. This is easy to gain the skills and to apply. This particular Third Hand drill has been proven on the streets against a knife attacker

Get your copy now and start training. Gain a skill that will set you apart from people who have been learning martial arts for years. A great way to develop the speed and reaction of yourself against these particular training drills. Empower yourself knowing you can protect yourself against a knife attacker.



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