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With a good foundation comes a good form with balance and synergy. The progression of Level 1 continues to Level 2 for advancement to challenge your skill development and concentration.


What’s Inside The Course

Sign of Respect to the elders, your teachers, classmates, family members, and guest. This is about exercising
respect for both non-martial artists and traditional martial arts. Practicing self-respect at first and then to
others by recognizing your own self-being and self-worth. And, of course, honoring your teacher and elders
before you. The Mano (the hand) still is practiced to this day among family members in the Philippines.

🎞️ Short Salutation
🎞️ Long Salutation

Stances can be both advantageous and disadvantageous. In this case, stances explain the weight distribution so
practitioners can gain an advantage in how to use the stances and when during combat training, or any simulation
of training for sparring and self-defense.

🎞️ Forward Stance
🎞️ Kneeling Stance

Footwork is for closing the gap between you and the target, retreating, mobility for distraction, and advantage
for the offense.
🎞️ Angle Forward
🎞️ Angle Stepping Back
🎞️ Full Step back (Leg from front stepping back)
🎞️ Rear Leg Stepping Back

Strikes Understanding different single offensive strikes and how to apply them on the bag to create power, strength,maneuverability, endurance, and speed
🎞️ The Grip
🎞️ Chamber Shoulder Position
🎞️ X up strikes
🎞️ Rapid Strikes F/R, R/F
🎞️ Puno
🎞️ Helicopter Strikes practice method
🎞️ Helicopter Strikes overhead

Pasurutan (Combination) – Fan Series There are 6 sets of different Pasurutan. What is Pasurutan means? It means
combination techniques that are a continuous flow of offensive attacks. Any offensive strikes can be also used
as a striking block. These exercises are designed to help develop power, and speed with continuous blows of
attacks. The Fan series emphasizes using one β€œfan” strike with other angles of attack. The single-stick
pasurutan can be substituted with a blade.

Pasurutan Presentation
🎞️ #1 Fan Series (Head Strike)
🎞️ #1 Fan Series both sides of the bag
🎞️ #2 Fan Series (Head Strike)
🎞️ #2 Fan Series both sides of the bag
🎞️ #1 & #2 Fan Series continuous
🎞️ #1 & #2 both sides of the bag
🎞️ #1 to #3 continuous combo
🎞️ #1 to #3 continuous combo double of the bag
🎞️ #4 Fan Series (to the Elbow)
🎞️ #4 Fan Series (to the Elbow) double on the bag
🎞️ #5 Fan Series (to the Groin) #5A & #5B
🎞️ #5 Fan Series (to the Groin) #5A double on the bag
🎞️ #5 Fan Series (to the Groin) #5B double on the bag
🎞️ #6 Fan Series (to the Clavicle)
🎞️ #6 Fan Series (to the Clavicle) double on the bag
🎞️ Fan Series from #1 to #6 non-stop workout on the bag
🎞️ Fan Series from #1 to #6 non-stop workout double on the bag

Blocking Umbrella Drills
Blocking Umbrella Drills – These series are designed to understand the most important 5 angles of attack from
any particular style but using our numbering systems of angles of attack from number 1 to number 5. There are
two sides to this training. The attacker and the defender. Using only a series of continuous attacks the
defender also uses a continuous flow of blocks against 1 to 5-angle strikes in different sequence order.

Presentation – Umbrella
🎞️ Umbrella #2 with no partner
🎞️ Umbrella #2 footwork with no partner
🎞️ Umbrella #2 w/partner application

Sangga Ken Pasaruno (Block and Counter) drills
The block and counter drills are designed for students to learn how to deal with the different angles of attack
(from 12 basic strikes #7 to #12) using a striking block with simple basic counter moves. These series can also
be used against an unarmed attacker – empty hand vs. empty hand.
Using what we call a striking block first to enter then into countering using 3 strikes to the body. The flow
strike, the recoil, and finishing with the flow follow-through strike

Presentation – Sensitivity Drill
🎞️ Simple Sensitivity Drill Exercise w/Stick
🎞️ Presentation – Block & Counter (Sangga ken Pasuruno)
🎞️ Block & Counter Drill #7
🎞️ Block & Counter Drill #8
🎞️ Block & Counter Drill #9
🎞️ Block & Counter Drill #10
🎞️ Block & Counter Drill #11
🎞️ Block & Counter Drill #12

Kuadrado – Blocking drills
This particular drill is based only on four out of 12 target-angle attacks. There are numbers 1, number 2,
number 7, and number 8. Both 7 and 8 can be substituted with numbers 3 and 4 due to the same angle but different
heights and locations on the body target.

Presentation – Kuadrado Intro Overview
🎞️ 1-4 Count Entering on #1
🎞️ Entering #1 Taking Turn
🎞️ Entering #2
🎞️ Entering #2 Taking Turn

Sinalapid (Sinawali) These are intricate x-weave pattern designs derived from clothing, basket weaving, and
This is the double shoulder chamber on each shoulder unlike others Sinalapid that are chambers one on the
shoulder and one under the armpit. There are many facets to this Sinalapid (Sinawali) training. There are
crossed and non-crossed drills that also can easily be translated to empty-hand training. The Sinalapid training
with double sticks, knives or short swords is an important phase to go into the empty hand training.
The level of dexterity and properly chambered and execution of each strike are emphasized to develop good habits
so the techniques that are executed are clear and precise.
Sinalapid Presentation
🎞️ 5 count with partner
🎞️ 5 count stationary hand application drill (against an empty hand attack)
🎞️ 5 count with no footwork (with double sticks)
🎞️ 5 count with footwork (with double sticks)
🎞️ 5 count strikes on bag training and empty hand application on the bag

Danugan – Filipino Boxing These lessons are designed for someone to learn or improve their empty hand boxing
(Dinnanugan) techniques with an emphasis on using gloves. For those wanting to understand the way, my family’s
Filipino boxing method has helped many fighters become undefeated. This training program will also be offered
separately for those who wish to only focus on learning our KA Filipino Boxing.
🎞️ Jab series on the bag
🎞️ Jab series with focus mitt training
🎞️ Jab series Freestyle on the bag
🎞️ Focus Mitt Training blocking head block
🎞️ Focus mitt training blocking body and head freestyle
🎞️ JC Drill on the bag
🎞️ JCJ Drill on the bag
🎞️ Combo series 4 count with lead front kick (Lead Front Kick J, C, J)
🎞️ Combo Series 5 count with lead front kick (Lead Front Kick J, C, J, Lead
Front kick)

Laban Daga Knife Drills
Laban Daga Knife Drills – Knife vs Empty Hand Drills
These Daga Drills are designed to elevate the receiver or defender to momentarily stop and control using the
method of taping/taping (Tapping Drills). It is used primarily to enhance the speed, maneuverability, and
dexterity of both hands. Learning to catch as we would say. There is progression to these exercises to the next
level on up. There are many different phases of this Laban Daga drills throughout the entire Kali America
program from Novice to Instructor Levels. There will be different levels that will be packaged just for knife
training enthusiasts. Keep in mind that these drills are just to develop your hand speed.
Laban Daga Taping/taping (Tapping Drills)
🎞️ Laban Daga Presentation
🎞️ Tapping Drill for right and left hand
🎞️ Single Right hand into downward control
🎞️ Single Left into downward
🎞️ Double Hand Tapping Left Side
🎞️ Double Hand Tapping Right Side
🎞️ Double Tap left hand side then control
🎞️ Double Tap right hand side then control
🎞️ Triple tapping left hand
🎞️ Triple tapping right hand


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