Kali America “Blue Lightning” Rashguard


  • Round-neck for extra coverage and anatomically designed to conform to your body perfectly.
  • Manufactured with  85% polyester, and 15% spandex (elastic) combined fabric for maximum performance
  • Spandex empowers the compression to hold your muscle and prevent overstretching creating elasticity
  • Offers unique sweat-wicking properties and freedom of movement
  • Tightly interlocked needlework ensures career-lasting durability
    Promises to keep your skin free of rashes and irritations
  • Lightweight and quick dry with 270gsm cotton-feel polyester fabric
  • Slim Fit Style with UPF+50 UV protection fabric helps you fight against sunburn
  • 100% high quality, moisture wicking, moisture absorption breathable long sleeve rashguard shirt
  • Odor reduction with “Dri-Fit Technology”
  • A patented twist-free process with double stitching for lasting durability
  • Sublimation printing lasts longer than traditional screen printing
  • Vivid bright colors that will last much longer than screen printing
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Kali America “Blue Lightning” Rashguard

Blue Lighting Rashguard Shirt with unique “LIGHTNING” designs both front and back. The front design has the top left chest triangle logo with a wreath. The back has the original Kali America logo with American and Filipino flags and Kris blades in full color. It has the Baybayin script translated into Kali America. Our rashguard has 85% Polyester and 15% Spandex combined fabric to ensure comfortable body movements. A very comfortable feel to your skin that has a silky touch to your body that keeps you cool. The material features sweat-wicking features which keep the skin fresh and dry. The tightly locked double stitching craft gives you a feeling that you have put nothing on and does not irritate. Our rashguard shirt is very durable and thicker than most rashguards and it has a 270 gsm (gram per square meter), and can even be washed in a machine. It is perfect for MMA training, sparring, grappling, running, cycling, surfing, diving, or even yoga, fitness, and for everyday wear.

The shirt has been tested for a workout in the classroom in Filipino Martial Arts, Jiujitsu/grappling, boxing, and Muay Thai classes. The process of sublimation printing lasts much longer than traditional screen printing. Our process of printing is much more vibrant in colors than screen printing.

What is GSM?

GSM stands for grams per square meter, which refers to the weight of a fabric. In general, the higher a fabric’s GSM, the thicker and more hard-wearing it’s likely to be. For example, denim has a much higher GSM than chiffon.

GSM is an important consideration when it comes to choosing clothes for specific sports or activities. It helps to regulate body temperature and maximize your performance.  We use a high-quality, moisture-wicking, breathable combined polyester fabric, the multi-climate abilities, moisture absorption, and odor reduction make it perfect for the task.  Combined with dry-fit technology, the patented twist-free process amplifies these properties and vastly improves performance.

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