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Anyone who is interested in studying FMA, or complement their existing martial arts training and for both beginners and instructors in the FMA.

You are probably wondering how to get started. Each day you log into your dashboard learning platform. Check the overview of each curriculum once you get into the course itself. Follow the step by step video instructions and do not skip any level for your progression. Skipping a level will not help you understand the following phase of instructions. We have support if you need it by sending us an email. We also have additional group gathering that you can get involve both for lesson and discussions.

Click on any button that will lead you to purchase the program that suits you. We recommend starting with Novice Level 1. So this way, you will see the basic foundation and the structure from the get go. This will give you a better understanding for advancement all the way to Master Level.

All the instructions are in English. There will be a pdf form along with the instructions for you to download to learn the Philippine – Ilokano language – it is not required but it is good to know for reference.

Yes, of course. There are Linear membership that you follow which we recommend. And there are other packages individually for sale, and there are subscription memberships that are available to you coming soon. And there will be bundles of curriculum for you to purchase without going through certification. And we have certification program.

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