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Welcome to the "Kali Study Group": Unleashing the Power of Filipino Martial Arts Enthusiasts!

At Kali America, we are thrilled to introduce the Kali Study Group, an exclusive club designed for passionate individuals who are enthusiastic about delving deep into the rich world of Filipino Martial Arts. By becoming a member of this dynamic community, you not only gain access to a treasure trove of knowledge but also enjoy a plethora of benefits that will enhance your martial arts journey like never before.

Why Join the Kali Study Group?

1. Dive into Authentic Filipino Martial Arts Training: When you join the Kali Study Group, you are immersing yourself in the authentic teachings of Filipino Martial Arts, guided by the expertise of Kali America. Our video training modules, available at www.kaliamerica.com, are meticulously crafted to offer you an in-depth understanding of the art, from its rich history to its intricate techniques.

2. Kali Group of Peers and Like-Minded Enthusiasts: Being part of this group means you are surrounded by a community of individuals who share your passion for Filipino Martial Arts. Connect with peers who are as dedicated and enthusiastic as you are, fostering a sense of camaraderie that will inspire and motivate you on your martial arts journey.

3. Exclusive Benefits for Kali Study Group Members:

a. Approval Process: To join the Kali Study Group, you need to follow a simple four-step qualification process. First, purchase our video training from www.kaliamerica.com. Then, submit a form application detailing your enthusiasm for Filipino Martial Arts. Once your application is approved, you’re in!

b. Free Video KA Training: As a Kali Study Group Member, you not only gain access to the purchased video training, but you also receive a complimentary video KA training session to further enhance your skills. This bonus training is our way of ensuring you have all the resources you need to succeed.

c. Monthly Zoom Training with Grandmaster Taningco: Imagine having the opportunity to interact directly with a renowned expert. Kali Study Group members enjoy a monthly Zoom training session with Grandmaster Taningco himself. This session includes live training and a Q&A segment, allowing you to clarify doubts and refine your techniques under the guidance of a true master.

4. Build a Strong Foundation, Master Advanced Techniques: With access to comprehensive training materials and the expertise of Grandmaster Taningco, you can build a solid foundation in Filipino Martial Arts. Master the basics and progress to advanced techniques, all while receiving guidance and feedback from experienced practitioners.

5. Stay Updated and Engaged: As a Kali Study Group member, you’ll be the first to know about new training modules, workshops, and events. Stay engaged with regular updates, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to enhance your skills and knowledge.

Joining the Kali Study Group isn’t just about learning martial arts; it’s about becoming part of a passionate community, refining your skills, and embracing the true essence of Filipino Martial Arts. Are you ready to embark on this transformative journey? Purchase your video training, submit your application, and let’s begin this adventure together!

Application requesting to join Kali America "Kali Study Group"

Join Our Elite "Kali Study Group" Unlock Your Potential! Today! Immerse yourself in an exclusive community designed for passionate FMA enthusiasts.

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