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Gunting - scissor hand drills

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We at Kali America will provide your best experience in FMA in full training mode for a week Experience the knowledge from
Grandmaster Manuel R. Taningco

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Pekiti Tirsia online training

Pangor (Single Stick)

Didya Kadaanan – the ancient Pilipino stick fighting. Covering basics, footwork, numbering system, the four corners (kuadrado), disarm, pasurutan (combinations), Untangle flow (bukra Suba), takedowns (taponan), and many more.

Balintawak online training

Dua Pangor (Double Stick)

Dua Pangor (Double Stick) – the simplest deadliest strike drills in progressioin of 4, 5 and 6 count strikes in split second that is easily translated into empty hand strikes that concentrate on pressure points soft spots.
Doce pares online training

Laban Daga Plus - Knife to Knife

Laban Daga – Blade-to-blade training and into a close quarter combative movement that will instill reflexive reaction, instinctive in-fighting, and a better understanding of sensitivity training with the blades and into empty hand applications.
kali online training

Dinanuggan (Filipino Boxing)

Offense to defensive movement drills. Closing the gap instantly. emphasizing unique footwork. Speed drills and power drills.

Why Host Us?

  • First Time Expose of the Willow System
  • Hands-on training quality with Grandmaster Taningco
  • Collaborate and network with other FMA practitioners
  • Be part of the historic Willow System launch in one-week setting of training
  • Our passion for Filipino Martial Arts
  • Guest Instructors that will also share their knowledge

What FMA Authority Are Saying...

I have known Manuel for many years in and out of the martial arts tournament circuit years ago. He exemplifies the martial arts spirit and ethics along with excellence as a martial arts practitioner. He values his friendship with respect and integrity. Manuel’s knowledge in the martial arts will give you a different insight and perspective in both the training and its concept.

Anyone studying under Master Taningco should be honored and take advantage of his dedication to the martial arts for 40 years.

Cynthia Rothrock
World Martial Arts Champion

“I met Punong Guro Manuel Taningco at one of his Kali seminars in Bavaria, Illinois way back in 2000. I was thoroughly impressed by his art, his instruction, and his Warrior Spirit that I decided then that I would embark on an FMA journey. I stayed on and after some time I achieved my Black Belt in Willow System Filipino Kali, which Punong Guro Taningco’s family (Robles‐Willow) system. I am still involved in the FMA’s, but I still revert to PG Taningco’s teachings and the Warrior Spirit that he had somehow, through our interaction, instilled in me. I am forever grateful for all that he has taught me, especially the drive that he had instilled in me to continually improve myself in the Filipino Martial Arts and in life. PUGAY!”

Roger Velasco
Lakan Guro – Willow Kali System

Master Taningco has been a fixture in the Martial Arts community for more than three decades. He has been a constant proponent of not only high-quality martial arts instruction but of the importance of building characters as well. Graduates of his programs have gone on to not only be great martial artists and instructors but to become great people. Master Taningco to this day still strives to bring the best quality martial arts to his community, sometimes even at expense to himself. His contributions have been recognized by many legends of the martial arts community, and he is welcomed everywhere he travels. We are lucky to have him as part of our local community.

Aaron Boggs
Coach Ronin Training Center

“In 1995, I met Master Manuel Taningco at his Martial Arts training center in Ohio. Guro Manny trained me in his Filipino family fighting style. It is at that time that my fighting career took off and after 15 amateur bouts, we were still undefeated. I attribute this success to Guro Manuel Taningco training and coaching methods; he is one of the most accomplished Martial Artists I have had the honor to encounter.

Thank you Grandmaster Manuel Taningco for your hard work and dedication.”

Christian Phyllis Toleque
Undefeated Pro Muay Thai

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