Gun Disarms vs. Gun Trapping

Whether we are talking about Kali, Silat or Krav Maga, efficient and effective self-defense techniques must always employ natural body movements, be easy to learn and remember. They must also be effective under stress and exhaustion. That means advanced techniques for disarming, while useful training tools for our muscle memory, are not what we will

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Kali Training Tips

When COVID-19 first took the world by surprise, martial artists were faced with an unprecedented situation. How were we to continue our training at home? This is where Kali and Escrima training tips come in.   We are all craved the opportunity to train, whether in classes, or otherwise, but our options were very limited during

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Human Species Found

The recently unearthed species, Homo luzonensis found in the Philippines is said to have a mix of ancient and modern traits. Researchers have uncovered the fact that most of its teeth are smaller and simple in shape, which mainly resembles those of modern humans. On the other hand, its fingers and leg bones were somewhat

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Filipino Martial Arts In Movies

Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) is known as one of the extremely deadliest martial arts in the world. The training usually starts by learning the effective techniques on using sticks, swords and knives as weapons. Not only this, the empty hand techniques are also taught once the advanced techniques of stick/sword and knife have been perfectly

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Laguna Copperplate Found

It was the year of 1989. The Laguna copper plate inscription was found in a sheet of copper metal having ancient writing printed on it. The inscription is known as the earliest written literature in the history of the Philippines. Few similarities were found between the old Indonesian script (Kawi) and the Laguna copper plate

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