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Known for techniques and applications that are focused and targeted to real applications, the Robles family has kept its Willow System of Filipino martial arts (FMA) a secret for more than 200 years. Now, GM Manuel Taningco is making the Willow System available to people around the world. Up until now, GM Manuel Taningco has reserved this teaching for a select few through the Taningco Academy of Martial Arts (TAMA) in Dayton, Ohio ( Through Kali America, he is now sharing the complete Willow System body of knowledge. His hope is to inspire a new generation of FMA instructors to spread this unique FMA system.

Grandmaster Taningco, through his 45 years of teaching experience, has found that what motivates students is a well thought out and organized curriculum. This way they can track their progress, and they know where they stand in their kali journey. This approach helps instructors manage students’ expectations. The systematic approach laid out in Kali America provides instructors with a proven curriculum and standardized promotion guidelines from the novice white belt, through the intermediate and advanced levels, and up to black belt and master levels. Kali America breaks down a wealth of FMA knowledge into easily assimilated pieces with clearly defined qualification requirements for each particular level. Kali America’s approach gives instructors the information they need to keep students moving forward toward their goal of certification and ranking under Kali America.

Kali America is committed to upholding the integrity of the art with no compromises. To become a certified instructor, you must first complete and demonstrate proficiency in all Kali America levels, beginning with Novice Level 1 through the Black Belt Levels. Even if you are an experienced practitioner, learning our progression is critical to developing a knowledge base that allows you to present a consistent program. Upon successful training completion via online training, prospective instructors must meet the Kali America Testing Board for final certification. Prospective instructors for whom it is not feasible to test in person at the Kali America Headquarters in Dayton, Ohio, USA, can submit a video of themselves performing the techniques for review by the Kali America Testing Board.

Our goal for our Instructor’s certification program is to transform passionate and dedicated Kali America students into incredible instructors fully capable of sharing their knowledge in a clear, exciting, and inspiring manner. Kali America has a vested interest in helping support you and guide you to help promote the Filipino martial arts in your community and spread the Kali America love. You will have the support of our Kali America Team and Grandmaster Taningco.

Along with his faith and family, Grandmaster Taningco values integrity, honor, discipline, and respect. Grandmaster Taningco also will evaluate all potential instructors on their embodiment of these core values. His objective is to create a community of disciplined and ethical instructors.

Are you ready to be part of the Kali America Family? If so, your commitment to KA is reciprocated by our commitment to you. We want to see you succeed as we work together to promote the growth of FMA.


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